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Hiyya! my name is Sabika

Also known as

‘The Re-Parenting Coach’

in a nutshell

Love, is my North Star guiding me through life

I am a…Nature grounding, random rock collecting, peppermint tea brewing, daydreaming into reality, dancing to the beat of joy, fun creating, mummy to three beautiful children.

My mission is to Guide you to Re-Parent yourself so you can be who you were naturally born to be and empower you to find your own individual North Star Guidance, where you can feel you are THRIVING in life *not just* SURVIVING!

I connect with my clients by creating a safe, friendly, and supportive space for you to share your past experiences, so you can retrieve, forgive, heal and let go of whatever is not serving you. This creates a space for you to grow into who you were born to be. I will encourage you to adopt individualized tools and actionable takeaways so you are able to Re-Parent yourself from past challenges, and to feel empowered to live a happy, balanced life, with clarity; while knowing who you are and what makes you…YOU!

Mummies who feel they have lost themselves in the role of being mum, but are SUPER eager to live a happier life, especially love connecting with me.
My 16+years experience of working with children and being a mum to my ‘full of life trio’ acts as a safety net to encourage you to holistically grow in all areas; including mentally, physically, spiritually, as well as within the home environment, in work-life balance, and in developing your own parenting style to suit your own individual child/ren.

Mummies are called superheroes for a reason! I base my coaching on the mantra “you have to selfishly self-love yourself to become selfless”, i.e for you to become self-less and give to others including your child/ren unconditionally, you have to fill your own jug first. Coaching with me and Re-Parenting yourself means you will then be able to ‘parent’ your kids in the way they need individually, rather than from your own ‘unmet needs’.

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