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Hello, I’m Monet

A Barefoot Changemaker

in a nutshell

Contemplative devotee. Barefoot changemaker. Thoughtful story-teller. Free-spirited soul. Travel addict and child of the world. Considerate helper, attempting to change lives one small ripple at a time.
life and wellness guidance

Life & Wellness Guidance

Mentorship, Finding purpose, Life & Wellness Coaching, Self-development, Childhood wounds, Shadow work, Coaching with the Enneagram, Career development.
healing and wellness concepts

Healing & Wellness Concepts

Work/Life balance and integration. Coping mechanisms. Healthy habits and holistic living. Working smarter, not harder.
Faith & spiritual guidance

Faith & Spiritual Guidance

Contemplative prayer. Meditation. Perennial beliefs. Bringing east and west together in harmony and peace, spreading prana and love. Marital union blessings. Crossing over support.
intuitive connections

Intuitive Connections

Reiki sessions with a Usui Reiki Master. Connecting to the higher self.

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