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Hello, I’m Lorraine

An Agent for change

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Teacher, Encourager, Fun Lover, Tenacious and Resilient.
As a trained, certified Personal Development coach, with a background that includes nursing and teaching, I guide clients to regain courage, confidence and have the clarity to identify and unravel obstructive beliefs, to embrace the changes that clears the path for them to achieve their personal dreams.
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I work with women who have dissatisfaction in their personal or career life, or are in a transitional phase and want to change direction, as I did, to gain courage and resilience, know their worth and be able to step into their “Queen Avatar”, to pursue and live life with passion and fulfilment as their dreams become a reality.
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Take Charge

My Aim is to see women take charge of their own lives, be confident in who they are and have courage to use their voice when determining their desires and success. To live their lives fully, with contentment, courage and purpose, which will enable them to be poised gracefully to take on challenges presented to them.


In a non-judgemental, confidential and fun, supportive environment, we, together determine exactly what the client wants, by first focusing on values and beliefs, and then adapting or removing anything that is obstructive to achieving the outcomes wanted. I use different tools, including meditation and journalling to help the process. When we have attained clarity of what is really wanted, identifying inherent strengths, developing an empowering mindset we then formulate a plan of action to make way for the success of achieving those dreams.
Step up

Step up

To achieve lasting empowering results, the client must be willing to take responsibility and follow the action steps given and then implement them into their lives. I will stand with her and encourage and inspire every step of the way.

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