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Hello, I’m Linda

A Career & Life Coach

in a nutshell

I specializing in helping people move toward positive change in their life and work. Trained as a therapist, career counselor and Positive Psychology coach, I motivate, inspire, champion and educate clients by first helping them to better understand what makes them tick. Ultimately my intention is to help clients identify their unique gifts.
I am known as a full blast encourager, heartfelt inspirer, support agent and deeply caring.
life and wellness guidance

Life Coach

Let’s find your gifts and what serves you, whether that is in home life, or in work or both. I have a holistic approach as I just don’t buy that we are compartmentalized. If our home life is a mess, it absolutely affects our work. If we are unhealthy, we aren’t sleeping. Let me guide you to the best version of yourself.
healing and wellness concepts

Growth & Empowerment Concepts

I love working with women and young adults who are eager, curious and motivated to learn about themselves so they are set up to make the right life-choices.
I make use of the Enneagram as a quintessential tool to find the true you.
Faith & spiritual guidance

Gifts of Giving

Whether it is your warmth, femininity, fun, or sometimes just being a bit whimsical, it is only by learning to share your gifts, you can truly open yourself up to receive more.
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Culture Vulture

An inclusive, kind, supportive, encouraging, engaging, and informative corporate culture is simply the cornerstone of a successful team. Driving this from a top down stretagy has proven tremendously successful for my clients.

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