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Illuminating the Shadow – small group

This will change everything for you.

Shadow work is the process of bringing light into the shadows. Carl Jung describes this as bringing the unconscious into conscious which leads to complete and total awareness leading us to be better balanced human beings. This program helps you discover your own shadows, deal with childhood wounds, or become a self-aware person who will lead you towards authenticity, creativity, energy – personal awakening.

When you consider words like “shame,” or “fear,” what do they mean for you?  Is it something you’d rather not think about?
Well, congratulations, because you may have just found your shadow. Within it lies some of the hardest and most worthwhile inner-work we, as people, can do.

This amazing 6-week program of discovery is targeted at individuals urging to discover their own shadows, dealing with past trauma childhood wounds and urging to become balanced self-aware persons. This is a small group program and participants need to be comfortable in this setup.

We each have a shadow, literally and figuratively. The shadow is the part of us that we don’t accept. The part “dark side” of our personality that brings about negative emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, to name but a few. The things that we miss and are blind to. We all have them, and we choose to acknowledge them or project them onto others. We can’t eliminate the shadow.

Trouble arises when we fail to see it. Shadow work is bringing light into the shadow. Carl Jung described the work as bringing the unconscious into the conscious. This leads to complete and total awareness which in return brings about greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and personal awakening. Shadow helps us to accept that which we find unacceptable about ourselves so that real change, healing and transformation can occur, leading us to be better balanced and self-aware human beings.

Shadow work is a deep and personalized process of self-exploration that can change your life. It is an opportunity to bring light into the shadows of our past, current situations, and future plans. We want you to be aware of who you are by illuminating the shadow in this 6-week program targeted at individuals urging to discover their own shadows.

Over the 6 weeks, you will be…

    • Discovering your sub-conscious motivations
    • Identifying your triggers and traps
    • Balancing awareness
    • Facing fears
    • Identifying and dissolving limiting beliefs
    • Reach new levels of authenticity and self-awareness

Let’s get Started!

My guarantee to you is that I will be available to support you throughout your course as facilitator and mentor – Monet

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