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Bigger Picture Learning

We read books or attend classes, but do we really understand what the Enneagram is and how to work with it?

Our small group classes and individual support sessions simplifies the tremendous amount of information available on the Enneagram and presented with real-life examples, Q&A Sessions, practical handouts and panel discussions.

Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned enthusiast or coach with the Enneagram, you are guaranteed to expand your knowledge by joining our sessions.

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Expand your knowledge

Enneagram for Enthusiasts

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or an enthusiast of sorts. We will quench your thirst for Ennea Knowledge.

History, Myths and Methodology

Understanding the Enneagram A-Z

Individual or Small Group Sessions

Enneagram Coaching Support

You’ve learned the Enneagram but are not quite sure how to coach with it; Or struggling to interpret results. Need mentorship and support?

Deeper understanding of your Clients

Deciphering Enneagram Challenges

1-on-1 Mentorship

Enneagram Study Groups

Groups are limited to 8 people which gives the ideal balance for learning and sharing. Study groups get together once a month.

Small Group Sessions Monthly

Working with real examples and challenges

Collective Learning Experience

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

The world has changed significantly over the last two years and suddenly we find ourselves in a global village. 
As the study groups cater to people living across the globe, our sessions are all online via Zoom. We limit the number of participants to 8 to ensure the best possible experience for all.


Your Facilitator – Monet

Monet sees himself as a Barefoot changemaker; a Thoughtful storyteller; a Free-spirited soul. Contemplative devotee; Travel addict and child of the world. Considerate helper, attempting to change lives one small ripple at a time.

            “My mission in life is to be a helper to others. Ultimately to evoke positive change in the lives of those I meet along my meandering path; albeit coaching, guidance, or training a new skill.”

In addition to being a Life Coach, Monet has more than 20 years of experience in Senior Management roles in the Tourism Industry and has positioned himself as a “people expert”.

In 2018 he authored and published “Raising a Black Dog”, highlighting the plight of Mental Health. He lives a holistic life of wellbeing by implementing yogic practices in his day-to-day life.

            “I am an Enneagram fanatic; Mentoring and providing support to Enneagram enthusiasts and coaches. By creating a foundation of inner-growth and wellbeing, encourages outer growth, inclusive culture, and increased awareness of oneself and the space we occupy, and ultimately helping people approach life with enthusiastic discernment.”

+27 82 450 8999