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Enneagram – Continued Learning

Discover a deeper understanding

We read books or attend classes, but do we really understand what the Enneagram is and how to work with it? As we’ve been introduced to different schools of thought on the Enneagram, this provides the perfect learning platform to accelerate your understanding and wisdom of the Enneagram.

Our Continuous Learning small-group program will simplify and clarify the tremendous amount of information available on the Enneagram

This program is targeted at coaches who are getting to know the Enneagram, as well as seasoned enthusiasts.

Each session will start with a topic of interest that you, as a coach, will benefit from when working with your clients. These topics will be compiled from various schools of thought and will be informative, instructive and enlightening.

Topics include

    • Dissolving our own subconscious biases that we bring to our coaching, based on our own type and the perception we have other types. How do we address these within ourselves? How do we avoid our subconscious triggers?
    • A wealth of knowledge when working with Tritypes, that has a far-reaching impact when we work with our clients as they become aware of how they show up in the world. How they think, feel and act.
    • Instincts and how they flavor the types. Additional constructs and nuances and how they impact the way people are perceived.
    • Facing fears and building confidence in working with Enneagram constructs, discovering an in-depth perspective and deeper understanding of the Enneagram.

Additionally, we will be looking at: Blending Narrative and Computerised Typing; Giving Feedback to Different Types and pacing the conversation; Instinctual Types in-depth; We are not our core type, but rather a combination of our Tritype, its wings and lines; and much more…

The second part of each session will be open for questions, answers and insights from all participants. This is an excellent opportunity to receive ideas from the collective intelligence of the group, regarding clients and potential challenges.



    • Small group dynamics (Maximum 8-10 people)
    • Q&A Sessions
    • Panel discussions
    • Benefit from a group intellect
    • Focussed topics and facilitated discussions
    • 6x 2 hour small group sessions
    • Optional ongoing mentoring and support

Dates & Times


Learning Content

  • Instinctual Types in depth
  • Subconscious Biases and Building confidence
  • Traps, Triggers, Defense Mechanisms, Lost Childhood Messages and Heart Wounds
  • Mistyping
  • We are not our core type, but rather a combination of our Tritype, its wings and lines.
  • Centers of Expression, Intelligence and Structure
  • Psychodynamic Concepts and Constructs
  • Understanding Lines and Wings
  • Triads, Social Styles and Conflict Styles
  • Giving Feedback to Different Types and pacing the conversation
  • Blending Narrative and Computerized Typing

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The Enneagram Continued Learning program takes place on Saturdays or Sundays once a month over a 6-months

Investment: US$500 per person (South Africans Pay R5000 per person)

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