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We are


Thoughtful story-tellers. Free-spirited souls. Barefoot changemakers. All of us attempting to change lives one small ripple at a time. Evoking positive change within you.

Ultimately we evoke positive change in the lives of those we meet along our meandering journey; albeit mentorship, guidance, or training a new skill, or coaching.

Teaching, developing skills and wellness concepts are our passions. By creating a foundation of inner-growth and wellbeing, encourages outer growth, inclusive culture and increased awareness of oneself and the space we occupy, and ultimately helping people approach life with enthusiastic discernment.

In short, we are Messengers, Helpers and Life-Coaches, in an ever-changing form, attempting to leave everything and everyone a little happier.

What we do best

We encourage holistic lifestyles of wellbeing by implementing yogic practices in day-to-day life ensuring proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking.

Life & Wellness Guidance

Mentorship, Accountability coaching, Finding purpose, Life & Wellness Coaching, Self-development, Childhood wounds, Shadow work, Coaching with the Enneagram, Career development.

Faith & Spiritual Guidance

Contemplative prayer. Meditation. Perennial beliefs. Bringing east and west together in harmony and peace, spreading prana and love. Marital union blessings. Crossing over support.

Skills Development

Coping Mechanisms. Creating balance. Recognizing triggers. Developing interpersonal communication skills. Handling tough situations.

Healing & Wellness Concepts

Work/Life balance and integration. Coping mechanisms. Healthy habits and holistic living. Working smarter, not harder. Yoga and fitness coaching.

Intuitive Connections

Distance or local Reiki sessions with a Usui Reiki Master. Connecting to the higher self.

Wellness & Spiritual Retreats

From time to time we arrange wellbeing and spiritual retreats. Private retreats on request.

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Why we are different

By taking an East meets West approach; Vista Tutto combines Western strategies with Eastern lifestyle methodology. This creative approach allows us to tap into and enhance people’s core talents, and develop effective and sustainable environments and strategies, whereby the top hierarchy of needs are met – ensuring self-fulfilment in the lives we touch, while at the same time exceeding the scope of any project we work on. Ultimately creating a superior relationship between people and the world they live in.

Our Prana

The Sanskrit word “Prana” refers to the all-encompassing life force within us. Prana cannot be measured, but only be felt.

Vista Tutto’s holistic approach is based on the four paths of yoga, namely: Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Jnana. Each project that we undertake is underpinned by the principles of these four pillars.

Through this approach we aim to understand the scope from a people’s perspective (Jnana). We employ our expertise (Raja) through our actions and guidance (Karma) to better and empower the lives we touch (Bhakti).


  • Karma (Action)
  • Bhakti (Emotion)
  • Raja (Mental)
  • Jnana (Intellectual)

By taking a holistic approach to evoke positive change, our model encourages happier, healthier lifestyles. Small ideas result in significant change.

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Our connoisseurs

“My mission is to be a helper to others. I am an Enneagram enthusiast, Reiki practitioner, Contemplative Thinker, People Expert, Travel Addict & Published Author. In short, I attempt to leave everything and everyone a little happier.” …Read More


Barefoot Changemaker, South Africa

“By bringing clarity, building confidence and gaining the courage to embrace the changes needed, in a positive and non-judgmental, safe environment, we, together, restructure beliefs and change mindsets to release the magic power within to achieve personal success and self-empowerment” …Read More


Mindset Coach, Cairo, Egypt

“Specializing in helping people move toward positive change in their life and work.
Ultimately my intention is to help people identify their unique gifts. I am a full blast encourager, heartfelt inspirer, support agent and deeply caring.” …Read More


Career & Life Coach, Larkspur, CA

“If we can access and improve all parts of our being, through working with the mind, body and soul; we will find a state of true euphoria and bliss. Ultimately and inevitably inner peace” …Read More


Wellness Guide, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Energy Healer, mystic & yogi. In addition to a Conscious Prosperity Coach for Women with Purpose. I co-own Enchanted Manor on the mystical Isle of Wight, a safe, magical New Earth Healing Haven. In our mythical Enchanted Realm, love is always the answer, and magic is sprinkled into our every moment.” …Read More


Alignment Alchemist, Isle of Wight